What are you going to do for summer? I can tell you where I am going to do for summer. My family going camping and I am going to ride wave runners and also skip rocks. I’m also going to be in the 4th of July parade. Summer is in 19 days 6 hours 26 min and 20 sec.

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Do you read books? Well I do. Do you want to know the books I read they are Magic Tree House, Biography’s, and Ecosystem books. Books can teach you lessons, and funny story’s. My favorite book is Star Jumper. What is your favorite book? How many books do you read each day?



Do you study about ecosystems? Well I do. Let me talk about them. Hi I’m Hump the one humped Camel. Did you know that my hump is fat in my body for energy to travel far. People normally find me in the Sahara desert and is in Africa. I am also very strong so people can ride on my back. Did you know that my fury eyelashes are for blocking the sand and wind from getting into my eyes. In my class I am studying  about a one humped Camel. Do you know why Camels have humps. Because that is there fat for energy when food can’t be found. Camels are very interesting to learn about.


This week we are also learning how to do a VoiceThread. It is an online tool to share learning and sometimes projects. I’m learning about a Camel, so listen to my VoiceThread. There are 6 major ecosystems there is a Desert that I live in, Mountains, Tundra, Savanna, Ocean, and rain Forest. Watch this VoiceThread to cool facts about different  animals.

Earth Day

Do you celebrate Earth day? Well I do. Let me tell you how to celebrate it. First you need to reuse plastic and paper. Second you need to pick up trash and put it away. And finally you need to protect the earth. Watch all the three videos to find out about the earth.







My Character Strengths

Do you know about your character strengths? Well I know about mine let me talk about it. I think one of them is kindness because I like to help people when they are having a bad time. And another one of  mine is fairness. For instance if I am playing basketball I try to make the teams as fair as possible.



My Lego Set

Do you play with Lego’s? Well I do, let my talk about a Lego set that my dad and I built. It was a Battleship Lego set that looks very cool. It was very fun making it. And when we finished it was cool and awesome! This ship is U.S.S Missouri that fought in World war 2. The ship had two nick names and they were “Might Mo” and “Big Mo.


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Do you know about Basketball? Well I do. Did you know that Basketball is my favorite sport? I also like to practice Basketball with my dad. Basketball is a common sport in Oregon. I like to play Basketball as much as I like to play with my friends.




Do you know what friendship is? Of course you do! Friendship is what makes you and you’re friends happy. Showing friendship makes people happy and have a happy day. Friendship is something that everybody has your friends, family, and neighbors.


Neil Armstrong

Do you about the moon? I do, let me talk about the first man on the moon. Do you know his name. He is Neil Armstrong of course! Did you know that he applied for Nasa and flew over 200 test planes. He had a nice child life and he was passionate about science, and space.pilot_neil_armstrong_and_x-15_-1_-_gpn-2000-000121-1

The Student Blogging Challenge




We are excited to use the challenge as our learning tool. I am excited to look at people’s blog’s. And I am also looking forward to commenting on you’re blog. I am excited to learn cool stuff from this website.